Leak on the hot end - black stains on printed pieces


I used my Zortrax M-200 flawlessly since around 2 weeks.

Yesterday I noticed some black/brownish stains on a printed object : I assumed something dirty fell on it durint printing.

This morning it happened again. I looked everywhere and noticed some black bubble on the hotend. More exactly, it seems to be burnt plastic leaking between the hotend and a yellow plate with 2 screws on it.

I cleaned it (and the nozzle while I was at it) and made sure everything was correctly tighten : next print I have once again the issue.

Is there something I have to do to prevent this issue ?

I attached a picture where you can see where the "leak" is starting.

Thanks for you help !

Zortrax Z-ABS and Ultra-T light colors tend to burn in the nozzle. Most notably White, Yellow, Sky Blue, and Orange. You can also see answers to your question if you use the Search tool build into the forums.

I know it's my first post, and maybe you see a lot of people no even trying to look at the forum, but in my case I did and didn't find any solution :(

Except obvious things like cleaning the nozzle / thightening a bit more where there is the leak, which I've done with no success.

Maybe I'm not using the right keywords then ?

I've found some topics like those below :




But I don't see any solution here (or I'm completely missing it maybe).

If you've found something I didn't, could you point me to it ? Thanks a lot !

I have had that happen to mine before but I just took the Hotend apart, cleaned it and put it back together and didnt have any issues. 

Not saying you will have the same results. I believe it is caused from either lack of tightening of the screws r even a minor defect in some Hotends that leave a smudge extra space and the material squeezes out there. 

Good Luck