Lebanon Printers?



I have a potential order for Lebanon. Wanted to check if there are any Zortrax owners in or around Lebanon as to cut the shipping cost on the order.

Order would be for Zglass 82 grams per print and a total of 10 prints. 

Message me if you are in or around there with a price for the prints and shipping. 




We are resellers and users of Zortrax from Istanbul but first we have to see the model. After that we can inform you about the price.

Greetings from Turkey,



I just looked up rates for shipping from there to Lebanon and for a 1lb package it said 232$.  

Seems kinda high since its 82 bucks from the states to there. But that was with fed ex, I am sure there are much much cheaper transports around there right?

I have yet to hear back from my customer, but will email them. When I do and they want to know, I will message you and send you the file for a quote along with a NDA as it is the customers design. 

Thanks. Appreciate it.


Ok, I'm looking forward for some news from you. I will check also different options of shipping. Hopefully we can decrease it.


Bummer. My customer is in Beirut now. They are gonna see the options around there first. 

Sorry but thanks for the replies. If anything changes I will pm you.