Limiting supports

hi, i'm trying to print a small tank, but i'm really struggling with removing supports without  breaking the final part, so i'm trying to print without them.

My only issue is with the bottom of the tank, because bottom's plane is higher than the track's contant plane and being horizontal becomes hard to buil it right.. is it possible to make support (or maybe extend the raft) only for this plane? Even if i generates support with 10° the whole tank becomes sorrounded by supports and i don't wanna deal with their removal. thank you

Make yours support in Meshmixer, export model with supports, print in Z-Suite without supports. At least you can design your support as you wish but at cost of the better supports that Z-Suite would design for the M200.

Maybe try splitting the model along flat planes and printing without support, then you can weld it back together with Acetone, the Z-suite software can split it up, just be creative.

is it possible to make the same thing, but via software? split the model to create supports up to the plane i want and then merge again the two parts? i need a precise alignment and minimal manual work

Have you ever just tried to print it with support light (!) at 10% angle?

It could improve your overall print result and would need nothing to work on except removing an outer shell of plastics.

the image i posted is already with 10% support (lite)

the image i posted is already with 10% support (lite)

o.k. and sorry for misleading by writing about 10% support when it's actually 10 degrees.

But my question was: Did you print that out and had trouble with removing support / damaging the object?

(your image shows a Z-Suite screen shot, not a printed object)

Try to split the model in the center by ZY plane. Or split in 3 via ZY, see enclosed pic.

Having support like that does suck but it helps tremendously with printing quality.

 I still get people with 3D Printers ordering prints from me because they want nice parts and their machine just doesn't cut it. So I don't mind a little support. lol