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I have m200 plus and It’s frustrating to me to go into windows . I have only linux on my machines for decades. Even more, If I open windows in virtual machine the program opens but nothing in it… it’s because of some part of graphics card as in native windows it’s also not working (z-sute 2.x) on my nVidia card m2000 or something like that… just internal intel 3000 … it’s always displaying as “loading, busy”. …
Also , cam is useless this or any other way… can it be like android app to only do that… maybe pause, resume, stop like in the software? having windows near printer is another useless step if you have printer in remote location.
Also does printer have resume-after-power failure???




Can you provide some screenshots regarding your problem with Z-SUITE? As Z-SUITE does not work on Linux, please take a look at Z-SUITE requirements. If it is possible to do so in the virtual machine - install newest framework and Visual C++ 2013 and 2015/2017.

Yes, it is possible to resume the printer after any failsafe error (M Plus Series, M300 Dual). Also, if you need to switch the machine off - you can save its progress and resume the print as well.

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Z-suite could be functional in VM and in Linux if only someone did it right :smiley:
This is a feature request… only simple something to see remote printer status, controls and camera? is that really hard?

how to resume? first thing I did to my M200+ was to check that and I did power off… then on… nothing… all I can do is start from scratch… other printer like Ender 3 Pro automatically asks if you want to continue.