Little white tube that feeds the filament into the hot end

Think I damaged this tube, hot end was covered in plastic after a print and was all over the inside of the hot end. When cleaning this white tube came out and one end looks unevenly tapered.

Can I get a replacement for this little part? 

Edit: to be clear this is the tube that is inside the metal piece that screws into the top of the hot end. 

That sounds like PTFE tubing and I *think* the size is 3mm OD x 2mm ID.  You should be able to find a meter or 2 long piece of that on-line in the UK for a few pounds. Unscrew the SS tube from the top of the hot end, clean out the old PTFE tubing (you may need a 3mm drill bit), insert a length of new PTFE tubing and cut the tube off flush with the end of the SS tube.  You'll want to take the SS tube out with the hot end pretty hot.  The rest can be done at room temperature.