Another supernice print. Sure it is a easy print but layers is just perfect, only some small gaps on top and bottom if you look closely. Zortrax! :cool:

Haha, looks like injection molded! :slight_smile:

so nice !!!

congrats !

Wow! Very nice Trhuster :cool:

Looks really good, very hard to see that it is 3d printed!

So now i have printed with all colors! :smiley:

Nice! Those came out good.

Did you use something on thingiverse to create the STL or did you create it yourself? Iā€™d like to do similar with my childrens names.

He created STL file in SolidWorks. I asked him that too. :smiley:

I would not mind a 100% crops of the prints from last image ! amazing :slight_smile: