Longer print times with m200 plus vs m200

I have an older m200 and a new m200 plus. I have a print that takes just under 7 hours on the m200 and 11 hours 50 minutes on the m200 plus. Same settings for each. Is there a reason that the m200 plus takes longer?

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could you provide all files (.zcodex, .zcodex2, .stl), so we can have a look and compare them? For the time being - I can only think of the max. wall thickness setting. The default one is 3.13 mm for M200 Plus, whereas for M200 - it is set to ~ 1 mm. Try to decrease this parameter and check if it provides any improvement.

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Attached are the files, one at a time…headphones_v21.zcodex2 (2.3 MB)
. I tried changing max wall thickness, but there was only a small change in the print time. 11h 11min to 10h 7 min. m200 print time was 7h 30 min.

Second file…headphones_abs.zcode (4.5 MB)

STL fileheadphones_v2.0.STL (745.6 KB)


Thank you for adding the files. Please note that for an M200 printer, the support angle was set to 0, while for an M200 Plus the support angle was 30 degrees. Thus, the printing time will be longer on an M200 Plus.

Moreover, M200 Plus printer is characterized by a different slicer and configs. As a result, changes in printing time may occur.

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I also found that https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2061586 generates an 8:41 print on M200 and 10:56 on M200+, so you aren’t imagining it. Ultrat, .09, High quality, 30% infill.