Looking for a good/optimal settings for my printer

I’ve been trying to use my machine (Inkspire) from day one, my prints always failed, I’ve been in daily contact with the support team (they are awesome btw), ended up replacing the LCD screen, as that seemed to be the issue.
That was replaced, returned back to me, and since then I’m still not able to do one single print that actually works fine, and doesn’t have any issues.
Does anyone have an optimal settings for at least the Zortrax Resins?
I’ve tried their Resin (Basic and Pro), external ones but nothing worked so far… And my models are not even complex, just a simple model for a project I’m trying to finish, and though this printer would be a great choice, it turned out it didn’t.

So if anyone had a successful print, please tell me how and I’ll try to use that and see what we get. I’m desperate at this point… :confused:

Some shots of the failed attempts.

The one that worked out, about 95%.

I have been having the same issue, simple model won’t print correctly.
However i just did a test with low z lift speed and it was much closer, so im thinking a z lift speed of like 20(layer thickness .05 and slightly increased exposer) may solve the issue.

Ahh cool, thanks. I’ll try that, just wondering why the software doesn’t offer it on its own.

Ahh never mind, it turns out that each layer thickness setting was giving me different results. Though z lift was helping.