LOST internet connection

Hello everyone.
During printing, my Zortrax M300Plus, correctly connected in wifi, during printing and randomly loses the internet connection and for me it is impossible to re-establish this connection to keep the printing process under control.

I tried to update the firmware 2.0.1 (0) on a mac with Z-Suite to the latest version available 2.11.1 (0) but randomly loses the connection anyway during printing.

Even with the ethernet connection this happens and it is very tiring having to go to the cellar every time to keep the situation under control without being able to see if something goes wrong.

I think it’s a software management problem on the machine, or a problem derived from other problems only that it can’t even refresh the connection.

What can we do? It would be nice if you could have the LOG errors of each printer that has encountered problems so that you can correct these errors.

Hi, @Asrog93.

Could you try to make a hotspot with your mobile phone and see whether the connection breaks then as well?

You can also check camera’s cable connection.