Love the M200

Wanted to say that for what it's intended to do;  I dig the M200!  Lots of belly aching at times from myself and other forum users and yes I wish it was more open (I realize now that it is..!).  BUT this printer rocks compared to the competition and when it was released.  I'm always amazed at how skeptical I feel about a print and then find that the Zortrax just gets it printed without very much hassle.  Cheers to the hardworking Engineers at Zortrax.

Random I know, but wanted to give props to the designers.


How many of us would still come to the forums if we did not still believe in the printer? Not many if any at all.


Agreed. We all have our nitpicks/gripes, but the Z is a rock solid printer. I am reminded of this every time my girlfriend's dad is showing me parts printed on his $1500 dollar machine and I have to hold back from commenting on the terrible quality. 

Actually, one of my biggest gripes with Z was not the printer but the company and their iron curtain mentality, but even this is getting better. They are still very closed off on what they're working on (understandably I suppose) but they're not ruling the forum with the iron fist that they once did; it's finally starting to feel more like a true open forum. Thanks Z!  :D

Very true about the m200. For the price the machine cannot be beat.

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Props to the Zortrax Team

I purchased my Zortrax M200 from a fellow who just didn't have the time to use it (bigger, much more expensive 3D printers at his workplace). I have to say that after 100 hrs of "Learning Time", I really appreciate the skill of the Zortrax design team. This printer does exactly what I purchased the machine for. Fast, reliable prototype prints directly from SolidWorks to my Proto-Bench.