Low Friction Zortrax M200 Nozzles now available (USA made - ships overseas)


Hello Zortrax community, 

My name is Jay from Performance 3-d LLC.  We are a small US 3d printing shop that also sells aftermarket upgrades.  Our best-selling nozzles for Makerbot and Flashforge are now available for the Zortrax M200.  They are at the bottom of the page here:


Our nozzles are the same brass base material with a specialized coating process applied (inside and out).  The coating on the inside reduces friction and lowers extrusion pressure.  On the outside the coating releases filament more easily, so that melted filament does not stick to it as readily.  

Nozzles are designed and made in the US and we will also ship overseas.  If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.  

Thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to serving the Zortrax community and appreciate any and all feedback.  


Why should I buy these nozzles? They are more expensive than original ones.

It is also worth mentioning that your design causes clogging.


I know that it is cheaper to make nozzles with 60 degree angles but they don't work wel.

EDIT: I mean 120 degree and not 60 degree as I wrote.


The external coating could disturb the Zortrax M200 autocalibration process, what about that?


Main question to me is: What problem(s) should that nozzle fix?

Actually I have none of the ones that are in the products descriptions with my M200!


Yosemite - You don't have to buy our nozzles of course if you don't want to.  I'm surprised you say they are more expensive though.  Zortrax's spare parts site appears to be down right now but last we checked it was about 30 euros which is still more than ours.  It is especially cheaper stateside since the zortrax nozzles seem to run around $35-$50 over here.  

Regarding the 60-degree design - please note that this is just a duplicate of the standard zortrax nozzles (we've cut open a few).  Our other nozzles for the makerbots and flashforges are very popular and have been shown to give improvement, and we've simply gotten a lot of requests to make a version for the zortrax.  As we understood, the zortrax prints very well out of the box, so we were unaware of the clogging issue you mention.  We would certainly be open to making a version with a better angle there, but this first batch we've machined is basically identical to the stock nozzle.  It is also entirely possible that the low-friction coating could solve any clogging issue you mention (but I cannot guarantee it of course).  So in summary, we believed the zortrax nozzle worked well out of the box and had gotten requests from users for this nozzle, so we've now made it available, that's all.  

Giufini - I'm not sure how it would disturb the auto-leveling procedure.  Can you elaborate?  

Z-Renegade - again, that's great, then you might not need to change your nozzle.  We weren't trying to "fix" something that isn't broken, and we understand that the Zortrax is good out of the box.  But users do like to replace their nozzles every once in a while (or they try to clean them by themselves with a drill bit which is a bad idea) and then they would like to have a replacement.  That's all we're offering.  

Thanks for the good questions everyone.  


I bought one from local reseller for 20€ + 2€ shipping a month ago.

About the design:


This is the picture of splitted original Zortrax nozzle.

And bellow is the drawing from your site:






The M200 uses the nozzle tip as an electrical contact to calibrate the platform height. If the coating acts as an insulator the platform calibration fails and the z axis crashes into the head. Did you test your nozzle on a Zortrax yet? I’m a bit concerned that you don’t know how the calibration process works.


I just try understand why you start new topic in wrong section?


No worries Andre, the coating we apply is a metallic plating that is electrically conductive.  We've had a few users field test them for us and no one has reported any issues with the calibration process.  



Sorry about that, I looked but didn't see a buy/sell section.  I see it now though ("Sales") at the end of the forum list.  If there is a moderator they can kindly move it accordingly.  


Why should I buy these nozzles? They are more expensive than original ones.

OEM nozzles are $30 + shipping in the Zortrax store (shipped from China I think, for US customers, so a lot of shipping cost.)

Performance 3D offers two of their nozzles for the same $30. In my book, that's less expensive, not more. Let's see how well they work.


Well, I am not from States and I usually buy one nozzle when I need it. :)

Also for goods that cost more than 22€ I have to pay 22% VAT + 4-6€ customs clearance fees + 1€ for shipping (for small packages).

I am glad that you are going to test them. Don't forget to report your results.


Performance 3D - do yourself a favor and send a couple of those nozzles to Julia for user testing.  Her word carries a lot of weight with other Zortrax owners and she knows her stuff, both with respect to engineering and to 3D printing in general.



Thanks, Mike, I already ordered a couple :)


Julia - Please let us know what you think when you've had a chance to use them.  It sounds like they should work just fine.



Are there any stainless steel nozzles on the market, or would conductivity a concern? Wouldn't mind being able to (hypothetically) print with carbon fiber or metal filaments without nozzle wear.


It is always fun to watch you guys open up on something. I would wish this new item seller luck and hope for the best.



Personally I'm pretty happy with it. $30/nozzle + $20 shipping was faintly ridiculous. It looks like I might be having one sent my way so I'll make sure to report back on how it goes. 

My main question is how well does the plating stand up to heat? Many users tend to clean jammed nozzles with a torch; would this be okay on the coating?


You have any print comparisons with OEM nozzle?? I'd like to see them.. I'm sure Julia will post if nothing else..