Low Friction Zortrax M200 Nozzles now available (USA made - ships overseas)


Hi David, 

Yes we still do, sorry about the broken link.  Try this one instead and see if it works for you.


Thank you for updating the link. I notice you offer the nozzle in a series now..... "Elite, Apollo & Hercules". What are the differences between the 3? 


"Specs" tab on the site explains the difference in the series........

Elite Series

The same brass base metal that we've been making for 2 years only now we've improved our Duraplat3-dâ„¢ plating process to produce the hardest surface finish possible (almost 70 Rockwell). These are still a perfect replacement for OEM nozzles and great for all around printing.

Apollo Series

Made from the toughest alloy 7075 aircraft aluminum. A step up from the Elite series, these offer 60% more heat transfer than brass nozzles and better wear resistance.

Hercules Series

Manufactured using heat treated A2 tool steel. With 50% better heat transfer than stainless steel nozzles, these are the clear cut choice for printing the harshest and most abrasive filaments like carbon fiber and metallics."


Going to try the "Apollo" series.......  -David