Lubricating rods on the m200...

Hello unknown friends,

now that the tiny tube of grease that is coming with the toolkit is nearly empty is was thinking

about what kind of grease/lubricant is suitable for lubricating the rods of my M200...

Is this simple vaseline or something special?!? Unfortunately the boys and girls here at Zortrax do not

label their stuff... what do you guys use ?!? BTW i just printed 12 kg's of Polymaker PC-Max, if somebody is interested in the settings (used ZT-HE/0.4mm nozzle...came out great...) just gimme a shout.


zboy :)

I use Super Lube Synthetic Grease. I should have enough for the next 150 years, or more :).

Anyway, it would be great if you could share the settings for Polymaker PC-Max with us. Printing 12 kg of that material is impressive. How big was the biggest print?

Thanks AndOrNot!

Did a quick research on that, where to buy... At the moment it seems quite hard to get here in

good old germany... Guess i will order from amazon usa.

Polymaker PC-MAX:

approx. 850 parts with ZT-HE / 0.4mm nozzle, 8 parts per print, printing time approx. 8 hours.

with testprints, rev.1 to 8 approx.900 hours of printing on my machine with littte pauses 1.5 months

24/7 ... :) Love this machine!

2 nozzles are gone and 1.5 litres of acetone for abs-milk and cleaning... yummy

no big parts but many of them... 15x12 cm raft size for 8 shells. Some pictures...


p.s. every 2-3 prints i gave the printbed a little wash with ABS-Milk... no warping but hard to remove...;)

Thanks for sharing your work and the settings. That's a lot of acetone! I hope you use some kind of a respirator mask, at least to keep the addiction at bay ;) .