LW PLA from ColorFabb

It looks like they discovered model building finally: https://learn.colorfabb.com/print-lw-pla/

Light weight PLA, which expands and foams depending on temperatur, resulting in low density and weight.
Ordered a spool, I´ll let you know how it works out:sunglasses:


To use the features of this material, the settings of the Zortrax slicer are not enough, had to use S3D.
Works as advertized: Til ~230° its normal PLA, starting to expand with higher temperature. Density gets lower the higher the temp, I was able to reach a density as low as 0,6 with 245°.
Of course, with that low density and 0,4mm thickness its not a 1:1 replacement of normal PLA, its too weak. The low weight PLA ist flexible and not brittle at all.

However, a significant weight advantage can be achieved: For a given Area (A) x Thickness (T) x Density (D) we have A x 0,4mm x 1,25 = 0,5 x A.

Printing with 0,7mm thickness and 0,6 density gives 0,42 x A, printing with 0,6mm thickness 0,36 x A.

Thats a remarkable weight reduction.

The material is the first I had that does not stick to the Zortrax building plate, so an adhesive has to be used.
In S3D, I use nozzle diameter 0,4, multiplier 0,52, extrusion width manual between 0,5 and 0,7. Layer 0,19mm. Retract settings are pretty useless, the material just bubbles out of the extruder. Result is a messy inside, on objects with long idle hotend moves also outside.
The good news: due to the foamy character of the material it can very easily be sanded.

So far, I use this material only for the wingtip, the inner structure of the wing has to be optimized for that particular material.

Also tried small volume models. Since there are only short idle moves of the hotend, they came out perfect, with 15% infill the density is ~ 0,3, thats the weight of heavy balsa.

Very nice. Hopefully only the first low weight material of many more to come :blush: