[M PLUS SERIES][M300 DUAL] 2.4.1 firmware released



We have just released 2.4.1 firmware - it fixes issues where error messages would pop up when installing firmware update.

As always - you can download the file from our support center.


Using m300 plus, cannot update firmware because machine cannot be registered.

machine was previously registered. old registration could not provide code. attempted new registration, allowed same serial to be registered twice but code provided was not valid.

i am not able to update to latest firmware due to registration process.


Hi @philip,

Have you managed to update the firmware to the newest one? What is your current firmware version? Please note that in order to update to 2.4.1, at least 2.3.2 should be installed first.

If you are still facing issues - please, contact us via support form.

Best regards,


Yes, I had 2.4.0 installed, tried to upgrade to 2.4.1

I still have not been able to upgrade this as I am stuck in an endless loop where it asks me to enter a code to update firmware but the code generated by the Zortrax Register your device is not valid.

I have now attempted to register a new device multiple times, each time the device is already installed, I have attempted to add the device in InCloud, but no devices show.

InCloud is not useable, as is 2.4.1. It is not possible to register the device (even though it was registered previously, it asked again)


Hi @philip
I am sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing. If you have not contacted us via support form yet - please, do so. We need to look further into the matter.

Best regards,