[M PLUS SERIES][M300 DUAL] 2.4.2 firmware released


Dear users,

firmware 2.4.2 has just been released. Full changelog available below:

  • Fixed a bug where application would unexpectedly crash,
  • Fixed a bug where previously printed files would be occasionally displayed in the printer’s panel when starting a new print through inCloud,
  • Fixed a bug where Preparing to print notification would not be properly displayed in inCloud,
  • Added a new option – inCloud connection test,
  • Added missing menu texts.

As always - you can download the firmware here .


Anyone else having an issue homing the robot with this firmware?

I have an M300+ v1 with mechanical endstops. Anytime the printer goes to home if it is not right next to the end stops it fails homing with a y endstop error. If I turn off the printer and move the robot to home it seems to work fine. Kinda annoying having to turn it off and move the robot between running a platform calibration then putting on a new print.


Hi @Isoflex,

We released a new firmware yesterday (2.4.3), so if you have not updated it yet - please, do so. if the problem still persists - refer to our troubleshooting manual. Hopefully, it will help you to solve the problem. Otherwise, please contact us via support form.

Best regards,