[M PLUS SERIES][M300 DUAL] firmware 2.2.0 released



We have just released a new firmware for Zortrax M Series Plus and M300 Dual. Full changelog is available below:

  • Improved Ethernet connection stability,
  • Improved communication with Z-SUITE,
  • Introduced notifications with frequency of service and maintenance activities,
  • Fixed problems where pausing the printing would cause platform offset issues,
  • Fixed problems with camera streaming,
  • Increased speed of non-print movements (for Z-SUITE Beta only),
  • Increased speed of switching between hotends,
  • Improved notifications for extruder heating progress,
  • Changed Axes Check procedure,
  • Bug fixes.

You can update your firmware via Wi-Fi/Ethernet or via USB stick (download).


I have the same problem after updating



Please, update the firmware to 2.2.2.

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Where can I find firmware 2.2.2 ? In the download section I see only version 2.2.0.


Firmware 2.2.2 is available for the M Plus Series only. For the M300 Dual - 2.2.0 is the newest one.