[M SERIES PLUS] Firmware 2.0.1 released


Hi everyone!

We’ve just released a new firmware for Zortrax M series Plus 3D printers.

It fixes translation issues and minor bugs (mainly with heater failure errors).

As always, you can update your firmware via Wi-Fi/Ethernet or via USB stick ( download here ).

In case of any questions feel free to ask.


Hi Marta.
Thanks for regular updates on firmware.
However, 1 encounter 2 problems.

1 after changing material from Z-ultra to Z-abs, on ZSUITE2, the Zsuite zortrax appareil says : material : not charged ( chargé in French)
So, I need to launch the print on the printer itself. :weary:

2 after 1st boot, I always have a 4:4 error.
I reboot again, and ok.
An idea ?


Hey there!

  1. We’ll look into that problem.

  2. Please, make sure that your heatbed cable is properly connected to the connector. This firmware is much more sensitive to lack of proper connection.


After the update firmware 2.0 always error #5. 5 homing failure. Two z200 plus two weeks old. With firmware 1.5 newer had problem


I have the same error on 300 plus printer, after upgrading firmware to 2.0 and to 2.0.1 homing failures are preventing me from printing (#5. 5 homing failure), I have tried rebooting, reinstalling firmware etc. basically everything I could think of. Nothing happens. seems to be problems with firmware and it is costing my business money. Because I have clients waiting and in the corner, the printer just sits and basically there is nothing I can do about it. Great Job team zortrax. I really hope this gets fixed soon because if the printer works it works fine, If it doesn’t it is just pain in the…


Hi Slim i found the way to print, force and move the head of extrusor away from the corner, just 2cm than tap the screen. In this way I’m able to print one time. At the end of the print again the fault. Better than nothing but sure in needed a debug of firmware 2.01


@L666 @siim

Hi! If you’re experiencing this issue, please, start with:

  1. Checking if the X-axis endstop is properly connected,
  2. Making sure that the endstop sleeve is properly installed on the axis block
  3. Carrying out X/Y axes maintenance.

If that doesn’t help, please let us know.