[M SERIES PLUS][M300 DUAL] 2.5.2 firmware released


Dear users,

Firmware 2.5.2 has been released. We have introduced stability and performance improvements.

You can download the new firmware here.


Hello Zortrax,

As already reported with firmware v2.5.0, I am still having problems with firmware v2.5.1 and v2.5.2 too:

my two M200 Plus printers (V1 and V2 hardware versions) don’t keep the heatbed temperature during the whole printing process, in fact, after a couple of hours from the start of the print, the temperature drops from 85 to 25-30 Celsius degrees, and the printed object is visibly warped at the end of the print.

This happens when I let the printer unattended for several hours, using Z-ABS or ABS external materials setting a temperature for the heatbed of 85 degrees… could it be caused by the recently introduced screen saver?

As a workaround, I reinstalled the firmware v2.4.4 on both the M200 Plus printers and now everything works fine again.

I already submitted to the technical support (Karolina via private email) the zcodex file to try to replicate the problem, but there is no solution yet, even with the latest firmware update.

Please investigate as soon as possible because the problem is still real and present, thank you!