[M SERIES PLUS][M300 DUAL] 2.6.0 firmware released

Firmware 2.6.0 has just been released. Full changelog available below:

M Series Plus, M300 Dual

  • Added the deformation scan procedure – any platform deformation is now compensated when printing rafts,
  • Added the autoupdater – if not disabled, the printer will automatically install the update after 30 minutes from notifying the user,
  • It is now possible to filter the zcodex2 files – users can choose to filter the zcodex2 files for the specific printer model or the specific printer model and loaded filament,
  • It is now possible to perform the automatic Offset Z calibration. (M300 Dual only)

In order to get full advantage of the new autocalibration process - please remember to run it first once you update the firmware to 2.6.0 (Z-SUITE 2.26.0 or the latest update required).