[M SERIES PLUS][M300 DUAL] Firmware 2.1.0 released



We have just released a new firmware for Zortrax M series Plus and Zortrax M300 Dual printers. Full changelog is available below:

  • New features introduced:
    - Axes check procedure,
    - Save printing progress option, which allows you to pause the printing process and resume it from the same spot after the printer is turned off,
    - Set loading temperature option for external materials,
    - Selecting the color of LED backlight for the Idle Mode (Blue/White/Magenta),
  • Fixes a bug where the printer would enter the Sleep Mode during a failsafe response,
  • Improves the firmware update procedure,
  • Fixes camera streaming (M300 Dual)
  • Fixes platform offset (M300 Dual)

After you install this firmware update, the printer will transfer any data regarding hardware and firmware errors to our server. You will have to give your consent before the installation by accepting the end-user license agreement.

You can update your firmware via Wi-Fi/Ethernet or via USB stick ( download here ).

In case of any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile: