[M SERIES PLUS][M300 DUAL] More information concerning firmware 2.0


Hello everyone!

Since we have released a new firmware 2.0 for the M Series Plus and M300 Dual printers, I would like to add a few words concerning the update.

If you come across an error message once the new firmware has been installed - please, do not consider it as a bug. Whenever there is a technical issue caused by a hardware failure, negligence or inappropriate use of the printer, the firmware 2.0 immediately displays an error message on the screen.

Our specialists have been working on improving the functionality of the firmware - not only does it inform users about a possible cause of the problem, but also secures the device against some further issues.

You will find a list of all new firmware error codes (explaining all error messages and providing potential causes and suggested solutions) on our support center.

Feel free to ask if you have further questions concerning the firmware.