M200 Bottom extruder fan ALWAYS on

One of my M200 printers bottom fan wasn’t working. I played around with it and the fan actually will work but only when “jumpstarted” Then it will keep on spinning. After plugging in a different fan It worked perfectly fine. So I may get a new fan.

My issue is that the Fan is always on. Even when I disable it in the menu. There is however a difference in voltage on the PCB pins.
24V - Disabled
~22V - Enabled

Is this a matter of replacing the Extruder PCB board? or is it something greater?


From you describition you would indeed need a new fan.

Just to clarify, when connecting other fan it’s not always on?

As for the always on fan problem, you could try swapping the extruder pcb from your other M200 and checking then, but it could be an issue with the motherboard.

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When a different fan is plugged in. It works perfectly fine. However, in ALL cases, the fan is constantly on. Regardless of the fan being “enabled” or “disabled”. I would assume the reason the first fan will work with a jumpstart is because it has constantly been turned on as long as the printer has been having this problem.