M200 brittle and bad printing problem


Hello, I recently having problem with our M200 3D printer. Last week, we were printing our stuffs just fine, but a few days ago, we had to print several components along the night for like 16 hours. When we checked the printer in the morning, little components printed finely, but there was a spiral component that arranged in Z-SUIT with some angle to create less support, and it could not print properly that spiral component and there was such a mess on heat block and nozzle with the filament which is our main filament, so there is no problem with the filament. I disassembled the extruder nozzle, heat block and barrel pipe, awaited them in acetone for 1 day, and after waiting in acetone, I cleaned the nozzle with its needle, so there is stuck material, but could not properly clean the heat block and barrel pipe, and when I assembled the parts properly to the printer, I calibrated the platform, and printed a little testing cube, it was finely printed. After that, I tried to print a bigger part, and it started to be printed brittle and bad, and stopped the progress. You can see the photos of the bad printed part below. I used to print the ABS filament with 240-245 celcius degrees, and platform with 90-100 celcius degrees, right now I am trying different temperature combinations but it does not work. Have you ever experienced this problem before or do you have any suggestions to fix this issue, thank you.


Hello ahmetuz,
are you using the latest firmware (version 2.5.0 or newer) with your M200 Plus?
I am asking it because I have a similar problem with my two M200 Plus using firmware 2.5.x:
in my case, the bed temperature drops inexplicably several degrees during a long (unattended) printing process, so in your case, it’s possible that this problem caused the piece to warp and that big mess with the extrusion of the filament (just like it also happened to me).
I have submitted this issue to Zortrax many times but sadly without any feedback or solution.


Hi @ahmetuz,

Are you using external materials only or Zortrax ones as well? Also, does this happen with all models you attempt to print?

Apart from soaking the parts in acetone - when was the last time you replaced the hotend, heater&thermocouple, extruder cable? Is the extruder sprocket wheel stuttering when the extrusion issues occur?

Also, I encourage you to have a look at our troubleshooting manual.

Best regards,