M200 christmas printing gallery?

What about showing here what the printers are doing for christmas presents this year?

I'm aware that maybe it's too early today because things are already packed or it's not time for them to uncover, but the following is for myself and can be shown right now.

Had for a long time a DAC for my power amp just sitting as PCB on the table and wanted to do a nice case for it.

Thanks to Julia and Angelo I got very good tips about using gilder paste and as a first test I did this case for my DAC.

Pics show before / after.

I ave another one but that has to wait another day...

I printed these lamps as gifts for my mom, sister, and daughter. The plant-inspired designs were created by Nervous System and the STLs offered as limited-time downloads for $5 each. Materials used are "Wound-Up" coffee-based filament from 3dom, "Silk" and "Linen" from BioFila, and EasyWood Coconut from FormFutura.





the gift for my mother-in-law

This one is for my wife. She gets a tea / coffee station for her room and I printed her a tea caddy where she can store some tea bags.

It was printed with an inverted lithophane (reduced details) and covered with gilder paste.

Here are my Christmas Prints:

Voronoi Lamp with self designed Stand using RGB LEDs in the middle



And the classic Szuzanna Lamp.



Both with a few cracks in the middle of the print.. Guess it's too cold in my workshop despite the side-covers.



P.S.: Added Foto of Voronoi Lamp Stand



Just remembered i had one more christmassy print:



This one was a bit painful with Z-Glass. Printed twice as many snowflakes as there is a 50:50 chance of them snapping and breaking when separating from the raft.