M200 crashes into Bed - now Error #33


after printing 6 years and knowing each screw of the M200, I have a problem that I can´t solve by myself.
It started with a crash of the noozle into the bed while calibrating before printing.
Usually, it´s a problem with the connector. After checking this, the problem still exists. I found, the temp probe screw was not tight in the hotend and fastend it. Now I get after switching on the M200 the Error # 33 message. I checked the 3 pins of the small connector. left and middle have 0 ohm restiance (current is going thru), No connection between middle an right one. All plates (5) are connected together as well as the right pin. Checked the voltage between hotend and the 5 metal plates: 1,2 Volt. That´s to less.
Checked it also before the connector pcb - 3rd pin (from left side and then on the right side, means the nose is on top) of the “data” cable coming from the mainboard. Still 1,2 Volt. What else can I check?
Is the mainboard defect?


Check also the connector on the mainboard. It delivers also only 1,2 V. Seems, that the mainboard is defect. Where can I buy a spare part?


Hello Boris,

if you would like to purchase the new motherboard - please contact us via support form. I believe you have excluded all possible causes of the problem listed in the troubleshooting manual, but just to make sure - the nozzle is hitting the calibration square, right? Not a part of the platform? This would indicate the rails are misaligned, and the nozzle will not make contact with the pad as it misses it. Once you fill in the form - you may provide some pictures of the platform, motherboard (both sides).

Best regards

Is your nozzle clean? I’ve seen instances where burned plastic can build up on the bottom of the nozzle, and prevent electrical contact from telling the controller when you’ve hit the bed.