M200 dont stop on Z axis


My M200 was standing few months. Today I tried to start printing and it started with hiting hotend by platform and it was pushing on it!!! Had to turn of printer.
Same with tring to do callibration. Platform is pushing hotend up :((

Whats wrong with it?


Hi @kendy77,

please, have a look at our troubleshooting manual and follow the steps - this will help you find a root of the problem.

However, as the printer has not been used for several months - I suspect there might be some material remains on the nozzle, hence the electrical circuit in the printer cannot be completed. You can heat the extruder and clean the nozzle with a spatula, as well as gently clean its tip with sandpaper.

Also, does the nozzle hit the calibration square? If not - this could mean the rails are either misaligned or dry - clean them with acetone/IPA and lubricate with silicone oil.

Best regards

Hey Kendy,

Did you manage to solve this issue? I’m experiencing the same problem.


Hi there :slight_smile:
Problem is with hotend cable. But check all procedures:

Thanks Kendy. It’s fixed now. In my case I had to unscrew the thermocouple, move it around, then screw it back in.

Maybe the contact between the thermocouple and the hot end wasn’t that good, or maybe the issue is somewhere else. I don’t know.

I’m hopeful it’ll keep working :wink:

Thanks for your input