M200 don't update Firmware when turn on


M200 don't update Firmware when turn on, model list is normal.


Zer, in order to update firmware you have to transfer "update.bin" file onto SD card. It has to be the only file on the card. It's very important. Otherwise the firmware won't install.

Moreover, insert the card when the printer is off. Then launch the M200 and wait a couple of seconds. Firmware should be installed quickly.


Yes, "update.bin" file is the only file on the card, didn't install firmware when launch. Other M200 can install using same SD card, only one M200 can't.


Please format the card using FAT 32  and try again. If that does not help too, get a different card.

Is the problematic M200 a bit older than the one you can update normally without any issue?


Hi There.
Did this ever get resolved?
I have acquired an M200 that has the same issue, i.e. it doesn’t recognise the update.bin file when I switch the machine on.
I have fully reformatted the SD card (FAT32), and tried using the oldest firmware file on the list in case I need to step through them.
The current firmware level is 1.0.2, and I am trying to load either 1.2.0 or 1.3.1. Neither work though.
I have also made sure that the SD card is empty of any other files.
I know the SD card works as it will recognise a zcode file if I include one.
Any other ideas will be much appreciated


Hello Elliot,

Please, try updating the firmware with an older SD card with a low transmission speed. Also, we recommend using Kingston SDHC (2-8 GB) cards.

Best regards,


Morning. Many thanks for your reply. I am using the original 4GB zortrax supplied SD card (P1045852), which works fine for all models. I’m not sure if it is Kingston, but what would you have supplied? Also, I’m not sure I could find and older SD card than this. Are you sure this is likely to be the issue? Many thanks


Hello Elliot,

I sent you a PM. Please, check your inbox.