M200 Extruder Clicking

I got this M200 as a hand-me-down and I’ve sunk quite a bit of money into it.

I’m using External ABS primarily, and I’ve done the following:

  • Added side & top covers to prevent warping
  • Tightened a bunch of loose screws
  • Replaced the hot end with a 3rd party all-metal variety which greatly improves flow
  • Replaced extruder cable, hotend cable, thermocoupler/heater

I’ve gotten some good results, but lately I have the Error 011 EXTRUDER TEMPERATURE TOO HIGH. It occurs after about an hour of printing, sometimes right after starting a print when it’s already hot. I notice quite a bit of clicking from the extruder motor. I’ve tried a lot of suggestions here, like moving the position of the pinion (just seems to make it worse), pushing the motor closer to the bearing (no effect), etc. This error only started since I got a new hotend & nozzle that greatly improved flow of filament, and I already tried replacing the thermocoupler and extruder cable. Loading material w/ no filament seems to turn the motor OK, although I sense that the motor’s movement is “weak”, i.e. kind of shaky even when it’s not clicking.

I’m a bit confused as to how to go about this. Does the motor need replacement? Are some cables bad and how would I check? Does the Extruder PCB need replacement?

Since I’ve already sunk so much money into replacement parts, I’m anxious to get more parts without some clear indication of what’s wrong.

Thanks for any help or pointers you can provide!

Hi, @evietron. At first, I recommend that you check all cables connections. Is everything properly connected to the extruder PCB? Does the error still appear when you install Hotend v2 back to the printer?
As you’ve already replaced extruder cable and heater&thermocouple, the other components that can cause such kind of problems are extruder PCB and/or motherboard. However, they can only be visually examined (so pictures of your motherboard can be helpful).

Hi Marta,

Thanks for your suggestions. I have checked all cable connections, and they are all snug and secture, but I can’t be sure that the cable ends aren’t defective.

Attached are picture of the extruder PCB and mainboard, maybe that reveals something?

I can’t use the hotend v2, because all it does now is jam up when I use it – the filament will not pass through it and ends up building up inside the pinion of the extruder.

Thanks for your help,

Hi, @evietron.
I’ve passed the pictures to our Technical Service and I’m waiting for more information whether they notice anything unusual.

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It occurred to me that the error actually started around the time I installed the HEPA cover to help prevent warping and reduce fumes coming from the printer. Could that be related?

That is very unlikely. We have multiple printers that are working with HEPA Covers and they don’t experience such error.
Nevertheless, I’ve got the information that the error that you experience can be caused by the fact that two pins visible in the picture shouldn’t be shorted. I suggest that you replace the extruder PCB in that case.