M200 Extruder Motor Issue


I have an M200 which has a malfunctioning extruder motor (it seems).

  1. Prints were incomplete due to lack of filament being extruded
  2. FIlament loading doesn’t work as motor seems to oscillate rather than rotate
  3. With no filament loaded, the motor still oscillates rather than rotates

Is this a stepper motor driver issue? At what level would I have to replace parts to fix this?

Thanks in advance

I have a video of this oscillation but can’t upload apparently.


Hi @John,

It looks like a problem with the extruder cable. The issues you described are very often when the cable is broken.

Please go through this manual. It will help you to find a solution step by step.

Let me know if that helps.

Kind regards,



Thanks for your guidance. I found that the there is a break in the extruder cable at the extruder head end. Moving it gently while extruding not only restored the motor movement in certain positions (of the cable) but also a spark/glow was visible during the movement, confirming the problem.

Replacement cable on order!