M200 Extruder PCB

serial # Z93EC4Axx
running FW 1.3.1
395hrs print time
I’ve been having printing problems lately and thought I’d check my heater and thermocouple resistance readings.
They measure 15 and 2.7 ohms as has been mentioned on here before, which is in spec.
So then I thought about the extruder pcb, (existing is a 5/4 pin unit), could this be causing heating problems, or is it only a terminal block to the machine?
As far as spares, I can find 2 different units listed for the M200, 1 pcb has just the white 5 and 4 pin blocks along the front edge, the other pcb has the 5 and 4 pin blocks separated by a sideways 2 pin blue block.
Which is the correct for my build, is one better than the other?

Hello lumpycam,

could you send me pictures, links to the pcb’s you found?


Best regards