M200 fault #032 main Extruder cable

Hi all,

Machine 1 is showing this (#032) fault, as we have a second machine I started swapping parts to fault find the exact issue.
Used new ribbon to start, then one by one, went on to changing the extruder PCB, extruder motor and its cable, to no avail. I found on this forum someone with the same issue, for them it was the heater thermocouple cable, so I swapped it out. Machines 1 and 2 now showing the fault, thuoghts then turned it possibly being Machine 1 cable and motherboard damaged, easy… swap it back. Nope now both machine show the fault.
My concern is to keep swapping anything without finding the actual issue. Could it possibly be that both heater thermocouple cables could be gone?

Any input much appricated.
Thanks in advance


indeed, the #032 error most often indicates a failure of one of the following parts: extuder cable, PCB, heater&thermocouple, however, as a last resort - the motherboard might be faulty. The approximate lifespan of the heater&thermocouple is 400 hours, so yes, these parts may require replacement. Moreover, ensure that the screws securing the heater&thermocouple in the hotend are tight.

However, we have come across a case where the fan coolers were causing the error - therefore, unplug the fans from the PCB and then check if the error occurs anyway.

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