M200 Feed Wheel Spinning

So i’m having an odd problem with my company Zortrax M200.

I have experienced the clicking, and skipping before, but now the problem is that the motor is spinning on the filament without pushing it digging a crevice in the side of the filament. I can load a material, it loads fine, begin a print, it begins fine, and then mid way in the print the material stops extruding. The wheel continues to spin on the material but the material doesn’t feed. If I manually push the filament down into the extruder wheel it continues to print fine. It does this for every layer.

Not sure if there is some way of adjusting the tension on the wheel or what. I have taken the motor and wheel off and swapped it for another motor and wheel and cleaned it and the problem continued.

I just swapped the heating element and the thermocouple with a machine that works, and this time the print did not even start, and I had to to help feed the filament by hand to get it to load. So far I have swapped, the motor back and forward, cleaned the wheel, and swapped the thermocouple and heating element. I’m starting to think that maybe it is the board or some other problem going on.

Hi @braddavis767,

Did you swap the hotend (heating element) together with the nozzle? Did you swap the motor cable as well? I would suggest swapping the extruder PCB and cable to see if this does the trick. Also, make sure the extruder bearing is not broken. If the problem persists - please, provide a video showing the issue.

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I did everything you said minus the PCB.

Turns out the extruder bearing was simply missing. It must have fallen out during a different service interval. Luckily we were able to find it, and the printer is printing fine again.

3,200 print hours strong.

So yes anyone having this problem check the extruder bearing.

Thank you for your help

Thank you for the update. I am really glad to hear you found a root of the problem and it turned out the issue was rather a minor one.