M200 firmware option suggestion

I would like M200 emit a beep every time she needs the know to be pressed.
For instance if you do the autocalibration, she starts to warm up. In the meanwhile you do something else. When she’s hot you don’t know if you don’t go look at her.

Another one is when you change filament during printing, after the load she ask you to continue but stops immediately without sounds telling to remove excessive material from nozzle.

These are some examples but there are others I don’t remember now


Thanks! We’ll pass it to our specialists :slight_smile:

Another one just happened.
After a print, you long-press to reprint the same and go away.
When you return you find the printer is waiting you to press the knob for the advice that tells to remove previous print.

A beep would be helpful here too


Thank you, I’ll pass this as well :slight_smile: