M200 for sale


Hey guys, first off love my printer, was on board since Kickstarter and feel VERY proud to be a part of this community.  The company fulfilled every promise to me and delivered a top notch product.  This printer allowed me to make camera ready helmet parts, sci fi armor, camera parts, and all sort of fun gadgets. I nearly sold the printer in June and then ended up keeping it over the summer.  Now the time has come to sell it.  I figured I would post here first considering the passion and familiarity with the product. I have:


Zortrax M200 Printer (Kickstarter edition)



Black: 2 brand new

Green: 1 Brand new

Blue: 1 Barely Used

Grey: 1 Brand New


Drop me a line if you are interested, I was thinking $1650 + shipping for everything.


Thanks again.




Hi, I'm interested

Where are you?


I am in Phoenix