M200 Heated Bed resistor spec needed



My heated bed has shat itself and blown a SMD resistor. Im a student so I’m not too keen to replace the bed and would rather fix it with another cheap resistor. However, since its blown or disintegrated, I am now unable to read the usually legible white resistance indicator printed on the surface.

Would someone be so kind to reply a picture of theirs, please? or supply the spec? :grin:



Hey there!
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Please, remember to always unplug and plug heatbed cable with printer turned off.
I recommend that you examine the cable and motherboard for any signs of damage or burn marks as well.


Thanks Marta! You’re an absolute champion.

Great idea. Ill keep all that in mind when I swap it out :ok_hand:


It worked! Ignore my terrible soldering skills please :neutral_face:

Autocalibrating and printing just fine :ok_hand:

Thanks again Marta!