M200 Heated Bed resistor spec needed


My heated bed has shat itself and blown a SMD resistor. Im a student so I’m not too keen to replace the bed and would rather fix it with another cheap resistor. However, since its blown or disintegrated, I am now unable to read the usually legible white resistance indicator printed on the surface.

Would someone be so kind to reply a picture of theirs, please? or supply the spec? :grin:


Hey there!
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Please, remember to always unplug and plug heatbed cable with printer turned off.
I recommend that you examine the cable and motherboard for any signs of damage or burn marks as well.

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Thanks Marta! You’re an absolute champion.

Great idea. Ill keep all that in mind when I swap it out :ok_hand:

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It worked! Ignore my terrible soldering skills please :neutral_face:

Autocalibrating and printing just fine :ok_hand:

Thanks again Marta!


Hi…it is basically silicone encased nichrome wire. u just need to stick it to the bottom of the plate with a liquid silicone gasket and vola instant heated bed… i have 2 such bed running on 220 v… only take care to coat the bed with a insulating material like polymide before putting the wire or in case of short u will have high voltage running through your plate.