M200 Heating Extruder heatup time

I have an M200 and each time the Heating Extruder goes through the process of heating up again it takes a very long time to complete. During the heating extruder process it will reach 97% and sit there for about 2 hours before it completes.  This is a very long time to wait at 97%, are there settings that need to be changed or anything else that can make this complete once it reaches 97%. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have three M200s and it amazes me the differences between them in heat up time. One's a bullet, one's "so-so" and the other likes to take a nap. I get impatient and will turn the slow one off and re-hook the cable bundle up top and start it again, typically it will motor along the second try. That's a long way of saying….. "Check your connections, re-power it and see if that doesn't help".

Thanks for the tips and any idea why you would have to do this each time it completes and starts a new print job?

A new hot end may be called for, I had one that wouldn't go past 80% and a new heater fixed it. Also I think firmware 0.0.5 has some bugs - sometimes it seems to be sitting waiting for heat for a long time (when doing a filament load) and then I press the button and -bing- it starts extruding. I've also seen it hang at the end of a print, with the fan running. Press the button and it stops.