M200 hot end upgrade question

so i have an original m200 with the V1 hotend. the threads in the hotend have stripped so i need to replace the hotend but only the v2 hotend is available. its my understanding that i will need to also replace the extruder pcb in order to get the v2 hotend to work on a v1 machine, is this true?
secondly on my machine i have a ztemp system that allows me to adjust the extruder temperature.
if i upgrade the pcb, will i still be able to use the ztemp system?
lastly, if i end up having to upgrade the hotend pcb, will i also need to upgrade any firmware or software?
if so which do i need to upgrade and where do i find the links, also where do i find a tutorial for upgrading the pcb and hotend?


indeed, the hotend V1 is an old version that was replaced with the V2 one several years ago. Even if you have an old extruder PCB (step 11) - you can replace only the hotend, however, the approximate lifespan of the heater&thermocouple is 400 hours, so it is recommended to replace this component as well (together with the PCB if it is the old one).

The latest firmware for the M200 is 1.3.1. If you have an older one - download the folder and copy the Update.bin file to the SD card (this has to be the only file there). Once you insert the card and turn the printer on - the update should be detected and installed automatically.

I am unable to tell whether the ztemp will still be compatible when you upgrade the PCB though. We strongly recommend using original Zortrax parts.

Best regards