M200/M300 one last feature update?


Since those of us who own the M200 and/or M300 have been told that we are no longer being supported with updates to firmware and software settings, it seems like a good time to ask for a few final improvements before we are completely abandoned. I do understand that the Zortrax team has a lot to do, but this would go a long way to show you are still committed to all of your users, even the old ones.

In addition to the feature requests already submitted for the M200/M300, I would like to request the following:

First is adding an external ASA profile. I realized it was missing when I recently tried to print ASA for the first time. I’ve tried printing it using several different profiles, and while I get results that are OK, nothing yet seems to provide results that are as good as what I’ve come to expect with other external materials. My best results so far are using the PCABS profile. I’ve had very good results printing with ABS, HIPS, PETG, and PCABS from other suppliers, so I suspect that the same could happen if the Z-ASA profile was copied and added to External Materials.

Since most of these machines are out of warranty by this time, it would also be nice to have profiles, derived from the Plus printers, for Nylon, Flex, and Semiflex. I know you haven’t worked out all the tiny details required to make outstanding prints for those materials on the older printers, but I would be happy just for something in the ballpark. Alternatively, for only the M200/M300 printers, a fully custom material profile could be added that gives us control similar to Slic3r or Cura, and we could create our own new profiles as needed. I have other less-common materials that I will be printing with, including PP, PVDF, PMMA, Nylon 6 and 12, ABS/PA, PVB, and PC/ASA. A custom profile option would be very helpful. Of course we would understand that Zortrax couldn’t guarantee the quality of these prints and we would be on our own.

I would like to see the option for nozzle sizes 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm added to the rest of the external profiles. Right now it only exists on the M200 for ABS and PLA, and not at all on the M300. For glass-filled, only the 0.6 mm would be needed. Again, we would understand that print quality could potentially be a problem and we couldn’t hold Zortrax responsible.

Lastly, on the hardware side, it would be nice to be able to upgrade our older printers with some of the new compatible hardware. I know some people are already using the hotend from the Plus series on the M200/M300. It looks like the dual fan setup could probably be easily adapted, as I see what looks like an unused fan plug on the motherboard. I would also like to be able to purchase the extruder spacer that allows for flexible filaments to be printed more easily. I know bringing the old printers fully up to Plus series level isn’t possible, but an official upgrade kit that includes parts that add features would be wonderful. I would buy it. I’m sure you would also find that many of us would be willing to help develop and beta test these upgrades if Zortrax was short on manpower.

I have both an M200 and an M300. I know they are old. I also know that the hardware is still better than most other consumer-grade 3d printers on the market. While I would love to purchase a new Endureal when they come out, that’s not possible for me right now. The suggestions I have could help keep these printers relevant for longer, build stronger support and loyalty from your current users, and allow Zortrax to make more money off of us. While I am not in a position to afford a new Zortrax printer, I am able to afford occasional upgrades and I would be happy to spend my money at Zortrax.


Hi, @nerrad7

I will pass your requests further to our specialists, so they can look into the matter.



Good request.

I agree



I agree with extending support to older printers.


Yup, printer upgrade kits (like Prusa does) tend to make fans and customers for life. I love my M200 and would love to continue using it for many years to come. Upgrade ability will certainly be a factor in my next printer purchase.


As an alternative, would it be possible to create a plugin or some sort of software module for PrusaSlicer that would convert gcode to zcode? That would solve most of these issues, other than hardware upgrades.


I want the same feature! Thanks


I agree. I would like to continue being a fan of Zortrax printers due to their incredible durability. Since the M200/M300 units are no longer in production I feel that it would be a good testament to their legacy to allow more control over printer settings and slicer options. Wall thickness settings with infill parts, mutiple bottom layers for spiral prints, various nozzle sizes for all materials, etc. A possibility of having an “Expert mode” for the slicer to have more free range over settings. These machines are far from obsolete and deserve to get one last update. Heck even a g-code to z-code converter option would be acceptable and let the community deal with the details.


+1 on the G-code to Z-code translator.


Hi Nerrad7,
I understand you completely because I am also running M200 and M300 and I am frustrated that I can not use the printers to their full capability due to the fact that Zortrax refuses to let us use an open profile to completely fill in ourselves at our own risk! It is just too ridiculous to talk about! How hard can it be to allow 0,6 nozzles for all materials? Especially for the M300 since it accommodates big prints. On M200 you can use 0,6 on PLA-based filament but only with layer hight 0,39! How crazy is that!

Come on Zortrax I think it is not too much to ask for, is it??

I really hope this problem gets solved real quick!