M200 messed up prints

So I recently started printing after I had to replace the heating cable.
All was fine for the first few prints, but then it started with light stringing and pieces of filament where everywhere on the print.
This has gotten worse and worse to the point where I can not continue printing, because of the amount of cleanup needed afterwards, since some of the leftover pieces are attached to the model.

Attached a picture of the start of my latest print, I stopped the print after the raft already looked messy:

I already changed the fan speed and cleaned and replaced the nozzle to no effect.

Hi, @Nedax.

By heating cable you mean Extruder cable?
Make sure that this cable and other components are properly connected to Extruder PCB.
I suggest that you also ensure that Extruder cable is tightly connected to the Motherboard.

When was the last time you replaced the whole hotend?
Do you have a multimeter?


With heating cable I meant the Heatbed Cable.

All the cables are attached properly.

I exchanged the hotend now, no change.

But i noticed the issue.

It looks like the Nozzle has near the end a 0.01 mm hole and that is where the excess material is coming from that fucks up the prints.

Will now get another nozzle since it was my replacement already.

Thank you

Thank you for the information.
Please, let me know if replacing the nozzle solves the problem.