M200 Motherboard defective stepper driver


Hi there,

our M200s extruder stepper driver is defective, more precisely the stepper driver ic (measured with scope). We need immediate replacement.

  1. There is no spare motherboard available, and I read here in forum that I only get a spare if I send the old MB to Zortrax, is that right?
  2. Easiest and fastest way (for me) would be to exchange the defective stepper driver IC, but the markings are filed away… so I’m afraid no one can/will tell me what ICs are used on Zortrax motherboards?

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Hi @tyllurius!

Please contact me via PM, so I can guide you through the process.

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Hello…I will check whether I can get hold of a stepper and check out it. I was trusting you would state better believe it they drop straight in however comprehend it isn’t generally that basic.
That is a smooth Benchy. It is a reasonable improvement.

pcb layout design for assembly guidelines


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