M200 Motherboard - Possible damaged stepper driver


The extruder motor on my m200 is skipping. I went through the guides zortrax has available, and I have managed to exclude the following parts as being defective:

  • Flat cable connecting the main board to the extruder PCB
  • Extruder PCB (tested it with a multimeter and all the signals are carried from the main board sucessfully)
  • Stepper motor (bought a new one and it kept “skipping”)

Finally, I tested the voltage output of the extruder stepper motor connector (on the main board) and I noticed the voltage was below 1V while Loading/Unloading material (on both coils).
Just to be sure I was not looking at it the wrong way, I tested the connector of the Z axis stepper motor, while moving the platform up and down, and the voltage level was as expected (around 11V).

So, I think the driver of the extruder stepper motor is malfunctioning (or even damaged).

Am I right to assume this?
What are the next steps I can take? I was thinking about soldering a new driver IC, because I cannot find a new board anywhere.

If anyone could give some insight I would appreciate.