M200 - No torque on extruder / clicking noise/ no extruded filament


My M200 just developed an issue.

After starting another print with ABS everything was ok I left the machine unattended.

Next day print finished and half of the print didn’t print.

Firstly I testes if its not a clog by cleaning the nozzle but no change.

Looks like the extruder stepper motor lost its torque completely.

Any advise on troubleshooting ?



Hell Bartek,

I assume that no material comes out of the nozzle when you start a print, right? How about material loading - the material, or does the problem occur only during the print? Could you provide some videos that illustrate the issue? Does the motor sprocket wheel stutter or click? This would help us to find a root of the problem. Also, have a look at the troubleshooting manual.

Moreover, please note that despite cleaning the nozzle - the hotend might be clogged with material residues, or some other consumable part is worn-out. Have you replaced any parts recently?

Best regards


Issue persists while loading filament and print process.
it looks like extruder motor have no power and skips.

I will take out the motor out and look if the lack of power is consistent.
If yes what’s the next step? Ordering a new motherboard ?


The extruder cable harness is damaged, tested as guide suggested.

Hi Bartek,

thank you for the update. I am glad to hear you found a root of the problem.