M200 nozzle crushes the print

Hello, lately I am having serious problems with my m200.
I state that I use the z-abs and the default parameters of z-suite.
I have been doing print tests for a week, adjusted the plate, tried other materials and followed the support guides of the parent company but the problem persists.

At the start of the printing there seem to be no problems but after a few centimeters (I’m Italian and sorry if the units of measurement do not match), the nozzle seems to crush the printed piece.

it seems that the printer is not aligned with the correct layer to be printed, so that the nozzle is not level.

I leave you some photos of the piece that I am using for testing

I am developing a very important project to be delivered in 2 weeks … if there is any good man who can help me?

thank you so much to all

(sorry for my bad eanglish)



Could you provide an .stl and .zcode file? In general, the model looks overheated. Run a test print with 100% fan speed.

Do you experience similar problems with other prints? If yes - the heater&thermocouple might be malfunctioning. When was the last time you replaced some consumable parts (nozzle, hotend etc.)?

Best regards,

Hi Karolina,

Below I leave you the file I printed.

I replaced the hot end about a week ago to continue printing tests.

before I mounted a 0.3 nozzle,
now from 0.4.

Hand_L.zcode (2.2 MB)

I thank you for your help … I remain available for any information.

Good evening


HI Gabriele,

Thank you for the file. Can I also have an .stl, please? I see you set 0.19 mm layer thickness, and I would like to test other settings as well.

Best regards,

Hi Karolina,

I’ll leave the file below

Have a good day…

445-1-3_hand_L.stl (2.0 MB)

Hi Gabriele,

I printed your .zcode - have a look at the pictures below.

I also ran a test print with 0.09 mm layer thickness and 100% fan speed - the result is slightly better, but your file looks good as well. Thus, either the heater&thermocouple or hotend might need replacement. You already spoke with my colleague (via chat) who suggested checking these components as well - please, follow her advice.

Best regards,

hi karolina,

meanwhile, thank you for your time and patience.

today I found the multimeter as Marta told me for chat so that I can check it as she said.

also I replaced the hot end and it seems to have improved a bit, I mounted a z-temp with a 0.3 nozzle

we hope to resolve it as soon as possible.

Thank you and good day.