M200 Parts Sticking to Raft


Fans are working and heating appears normal.

Parts sticking to th raft and impossible to remove.



Hi @CaptainZortrax,

does this happen with all materials you are printing with? Can you pass me the calibration results? The platform may require maintenance.

The approximate lifespan of the hotend/heater&thermocouple is 350/400 hours, so it may be high time you replaced them. Also, you can slightly increase the first layer gap in Z-SUITE (a gap between the raft and the first layer of a model).

Best regards,


Hi I’ve tried extending the gap that does nothingZ it’s all materials. Hotend is only 100hours old. Calibration is almost perfect no more rHan 0.1 out.



you may need to increase the first layer gap even more then. The calibration results are fine, but how about the heater&thermocouple? These parts may need replacement as well.