M200 Platform heating uneavenly


I have noticed my print do not stick regardless of the method used to prepare the bed. PLA is really NOT playing well with me.

I have noticed over last month, that the bed takes longer and longer to heat… now I have also discovered the bed is heating very unevenly.

So testing the bed temperature with my meter, for the (ZCODE set to 65 deg C) tested 6 points.

Back left 54 deg C
back right 56 deg C
Front left 66 deg C
Front right 64 deg C
by connector to bed 52 deg C
Centre 60 deg C

My Prints not sticking to the bed (rising during printing) are worst towards the front right.

I have cleaned under the plate, and sanded the print bed surface, used glue stick, and acetone mixed with ABS. Slight improvement, but overall still cannot print larger than 7 cm x 7 cm reliably for the warping issues…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

I have just purchased the metal hotend for test on one of my printers, as PLA is my preferred filament, so I am dedicating one printer to the job. This is why I need to fix the warping, and bed sticking issues.



Hi Chris,

Could you pass the calibration results? Despite the fact that you did the platform maintenance - the plate might be worn-out and deformed.

Have you tried placing the model on some other part of the platform? If you have another M200 unit - you could swap the heatbed and heatbed cable to verify a possible malfunction of one of these parts.

Also, please have a look at the tips listed in our troubleshooting manual.

Best regards,