M200 Platform heating uneavenly

I have noticed my print do not stick regardless of the method used to prepare the bed. PLA is really NOT playing well with me.

I have noticed over last month, that the bed takes longer and longer to heat… now I have also discovered the bed is heating very unevenly.

So testing the bed temperature with my meter, for the (ZCODE set to 65 deg C) tested 6 points.

Back left 54 deg C
back right 56 deg C
Front left 66 deg C
Front right 64 deg C
by connector to bed 52 deg C
Centre 60 deg C

My Prints not sticking to the bed (rising during printing) are worst towards the front right.

I have cleaned under the plate, and sanded the print bed surface, used glue stick, and acetone mixed with ABS. Slight improvement, but overall still cannot print larger than 7 cm x 7 cm reliably for the warping issues…

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

I have just purchased the metal hotend for test on one of my printers, as PLA is my preferred filament, so I am dedicating one printer to the job. This is why I need to fix the warping, and bed sticking issues.


Hi Chris,

Could you pass the calibration results? Despite the fact that you did the platform maintenance - the plate might be worn-out and deformed.

Have you tried placing the model on some other part of the platform? If you have another M200 unit - you could swap the heatbed and heatbed cable to verify a possible malfunction of one of these parts.

Also, please have a look at the tips listed in our troubleshooting manual.

Best regards,

Do you have any more remedies for the Warping issue printing with ABS on Zortrax m200? The issues with the wrapping are happening more and more frequent and with different corners of the print left off. at a different time and with the same print? try to work with your troubleshooting manual but it is not working for me.
Also do not understand your auto-calibration of the bed? it told me the adjustment is done but I got a different number from 0 to -.2 in the same frame?

Hi @j30243l,

did you take into account all tips from the troubleshooting manual? Actually, in most cases - warping occurs due to external factors. What is your ambient temperature? Did you install side covers? Also, did you turn the bottom fan off, applied some plate adhesive (Z-ABS juice/glue stick), applied recommended Z-SUITE adjustments (higher layer thickness, lower infill density)? These are the most important points.

As for autocalibration - you need to take into account differences between the center point value and other calibration points. For example, if the center point value is 0.2 and one of the side points value is -0.2 - the difference equals or exceeds 0.4, so the platform is uneven and might need further adjustments (tightening/loosening the calibration screws), maintenance, or replacement (the perforated plate might be deformed - its approximate lifespan is 700 printing hours).

Best regards,