M200 Plus - ASA Printing Only

Hi all.

Im only new to 3d printing. I’ve only had my machine for a few days and I was hoping to hear from other members that are printing, or have experience with printing ASA. Specifically I would like to find out about settings within Z-suite that you have found work the best. I know there is a lot a trial and error, and I looking forward to just printing stuff for the learning involved. Would be great to connect with others regarding this material in particular.

I have been printing ASA using the ASA-Pro default settings. I m using Zortrax,M and Fillamentum ASA. I prefer fillamentum because the colors retain its vibrancy more than the zortrax brand after printing. I like ASA more than ABS as it is less prone to warping. Make sure you have a cover on top to keep the heat in the cabinet.