M200 plus - Extrusion problem - Extruder motor overheats

Is there any news related to the cooling of the motor extruder? I noticed the same thing as some open cases in the forum with extrusion problems. It seems to me the dissipation system is failing with some materials that are more demanding in these aspects.

I did the following tests to add.

Printer: M200 plus
Material used: Nylon
At first, I printed several times the same STL file without changing any condition referring to orientation, positioning, material, machine, physical space. Time between prints was made in a gap of 5 days.
The only changes I made were slicing related. Temperatures, retraction, speeds.

Then I tried to test my theory about the dissipation issue. Printing with a forced external fan pointing directly to the motor extruder. The results after this were all great using the same .zcodex files that failed before.

The fail rate before pointing an external fan to the extruder motor:
1 good print / 10 bad prints (counting only the ones with extrusion problems).

The fail rate after pointing an external fan to the extruder motor:
4 good prints / 0 bad prints (all with the same conditions beside the fan).

I know this is material related but adding more dissipation to the motor extruder may not affect in any way and may solve some problems. So any information is welcome. Besides this particular issue, in my experience with different 3D printers and materiales I still consider M200 and M200 plus a very good equipment with great reliability.