M200 plus: get upload failed a lot


I have my 200 plus in a local network. I upload files to it and it is a 50% chance I get an ‘upload failed’. This is purely related to the printer, my network works ok, I use it all the time, it is a reliable cable network.
In the old days of some previous version of z-suite this did not happen at all. At some point with the new z-suite or later firmware of the m200 plus this started happening.
This is a very annoying bug, sometimes I have to switch the m200 plus on and off before it is seen in the network again. Please advise.

Kind regards,

Hello Rob,

I understand that you have double-checked the firmware (2.6.10) and Z-SUITE (are you using 2.23.0 stable or 3.2.0 BETA version?) are up-to-date, right?

We have not received similar reports recently so we need to check this on our side.

Have you tried using inCloud? If not - please do so. I would be also grateful if you could set up a mobile hotspot and try sendng the file through it (when using Z-SUITE/My Devices - ensure the printer and a computer are connected to the same network).

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Hi Karolina,

I am using all the latest and greatest. The firmware on the m200 plus gets automatically updated and I use the Z-suite beta, latest version, . This issue I am having has been around at least 2 years. I wanted to rekindle it again, hoping for a solution.
I only want to use my local network, the cloud stuff is no use to me and I do not login to the cloud.

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