M200 Plus "hardware v2" features


Please, can you tell us what are exactly the new big and small features of the M200 Plus “hardware v2”?



Please, have a little more patience - we are unable to provide details concerning hardware v2 changes at the moment. Sign up to our newsletter to be up-to-date with all news :slight_smile:

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Is that some upgrade for m200 plus?



Yes, we have introduced an upgraded version of the M Plus Series 3D printers.

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Hi, can we put upgrade on regular m200 plus?


Hello Zortrax, any news about the upgraded M200 Plus v2?


Its a good thing i stumbled on this thread. Was thinking about getting M200 Plus. Will be interesting to see what’s new.


Hi all,

We can officially list the features in the upgraded M Series Plus hardware:

  • Optical axes endstops will replace the mechanical ones. This solution has proven its reliability in M300 Dual.
  • Buzzer will be added to improve users’ workflow and remind them to proceed with their action, such as loading or unloading material, to avoid cooling down of the printer and renewing the heating process.
  • Blackout Response System will also be added to the M Pluses. It stores info about your printing process whenever there is a power outage, and lets you continue from where it was stopped once the power is back.

Please, keep in mind that these upgrades are available in the newly produced Zortrax M Series Plus units. It is impossible to upgrade from the hardware v1.

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I does not understand if the blackout system can be available on v1 ?

Sad for Impossible to retrofit buzzer…


Unfortunately, the blackout reponse system is not available for v1 machines.


How can I check if the M200 Plus is the new V2 hardware version when I buy it? Thanks.


Hello, i wish to buy the new M200 Plus V2 hardware version, is it already available?
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The current hot bed is woefully inadequate @ 150W , what will the new one be?, will it be a free upgrade for all of us who spend hours of our valuable time, and repeated wasted prints, trying to get it to warm up? I am just posting my latest findings


Hi @giufini,

Yes, the M200 Plus V2 is available in our online store. Our resellers should also have the new version in stock.


Is there a logical explanation of why the Blackout system is not available for v1 hardware?

If I have a v1 machine with most recent firmware then there is no way to use this feature, and completely impossible for it to appear in the menu right? Is it really hardware related or just a way to force users to buy v2 hardware machines?


Hi @ahntlia,

Yes, certain hardware changes have been implemented. V2 M Series Plus printers are equipped with an additional component (board) which is in charge of the optical endstops, buzzer and blackout response system.


Well then if is the case how can the following behaviour can be explained?

Machine is from the first batch so definitely v1 hardware bought on Apr-May 2018, so it’s completely impossible that it is fitted with a new component (board) that was developed 2 years later.

There is a full video which show clearly it’s not a hoax or just a claim with no evidence, just hope it’s not deleted attempting to hide this dark secret.



Hi @ahntlia,

Please note that M Series Plus printers (v1 as well) are able to save the printing progress whenever a failsafe error occurs, you can also save the printing progress once you pause the print. In both cases you can resume the print when you turn the device on again, just as shown in the video.